What is a Rail Pass?

A Rail Pass is a ticket that will allow you unlimited travel within the selected countries for a certain number of days.  A Rail Pass is often chosen by a traveller without a fixed travel itinerary. By understanding the advantages and knowing how your pass works, you will benefit. For example, most passes include bonuses such as free ferry crossings, museum entrances and hotel discounts in several cities.

National Pass:  Offers unlimited travel within a specific country, within the validity of the pass.

Combination Pass:  Offers unlimited travel within two or more countries that are linked by direct train or ferry line, within the validity of the pass.

Consecutive Pass:  The pass must be used one day after the other, within the validity of the pass. Not all passes offer a consecutive option.

Flexible Passes: The traveller can travel on the days of their choice within the selected period of time. The flexible travel days may be used consecutively or non-consecutively, provided they are used within the validity of the pass.

Saver or Twin Pass:  When two or more adults are travelling together at all times they are entitled to a discounted fare on some passes.  Depending on the pass, the rules and names vary:  Saver (two to five persons) and Twin (two persons).

Passholder Fare:  A passholder fare offers discounted seat reservations on trains requiring compulsory seat reservations.  Subject to availability of the passholder fare.