Specific to this train:

  1. Any Belgian Station, the passenger will have a confirmed seat up to Brussels with the Eurostar train.  From Brussels the client may continue onto any Belgian Station (station to be predetermined prior to ticketing).
  2. Seasonal direct trains are offered to Avignon during the summer months, July to September (Saturdays only). Ski trains, direct overnight and day trains to Moutiers, Aime-La-Plagne and Bourg St Maurice operate during the winter months, December to April (Fridays and Saturdays).
  3. Passport, baggage and security checks are performed at the Eurostar terminal.  Immigration cards must be completed for trains entering the UK.
  4. Under 12’s must be accompanied by a competent person over the age of 18. Age 12- 17 may travel alone provided they have:
  5. a full, valid passport or identity card
  6. issued in their own name, and are
  7. in possession of either a hand-written letter of consent
  8. issued by a parent or guardian
  9. witnessed by an official person
  10. or a completed unaccompanied Minors Consent Form
  11. . The completed Unaccompanied Minors Consent Form must be handed to a member of Eurostar staff at check in. Eurostar does not operate an unaccompanied minor service. Any minor aged 12 – 17 must possess the written consent of their parent or legal guardian. Children under 12 cannot travel alone.
  12. Culture connect offers passengers 2 for 1 entry into selected museums and galleries in London, Paris and Brussels.  Speak to your World Travel consultant for more information.

Ticket Type:  Print at Home, Print at station (London and Paris departures only) and Paper tickets offered.


Traveller Type: Adult, Child 4-11, Youth 12-25, Senior 60+, Group and Pass- holder fares.


Seat reservations are compulsory and are included in the fare.


Routes and durations:


London<>Brussels                        2h01

London<>Paris                              2h15

London<>Disney                           2h34

London<>Avignon                         6h13

London<>Moûtiers                        7h05

London<>Bourg St Maurice           7h20


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