Terms & Conditions For All Rail Products



  1. Your Passes / Tickets / Vouchers will be issued in South Africa. Please note that you can only travel on your original ticket – any copy provided to you for visa purposes does not constitute a valid travel document.
  2. Please ensure that you read ALL THE RULES AND REGULATIONS on the ticket cover. World Travel will not be held responsible if clients fail to read all the rules appertaining to the type of ticket they have purchased.
  3. Participating railways cannot be held responsible for damages due to strikes, delays or missed connections, theft or loss of non-registered baggage.
  4. World Travel is merely the intermediary of the transportation carriers in Europe, UK and the Non-European countries and assumes no liability resulting from the transport contract.
  5. Tampering with or altering the coupons and/or the cover, or use by another person other than the one for whom it was issued, renders the ticket / pass invalid and authorises railway staff to confiscate it and subjects the traveller to a penalty in local currency.
  6. It is your and/or the retail travel agents responsibility to ensure that you hold valid visas and travel documents for all the countries you will visit or transit on your rail journey. It is not the responsibility of World Travel Rail Department to provide visa information. Please check the routing on a map and check particularly carefully all the “VIA” points printed on the rail tickets.
  7. The fare of the ticket / pass does not include the insurance of luggage, which is under the traveller’s surveillance at the stations and in the trains. It is recommended that travellers buy an insurance against the loss and theft of their personal belongings
  8. Unless otherwise specified: (I) Children under the age of 4 travels for free provided he / she is not occupying a seat or sleeper. (II) Children over the age of 4 and under 12 pay 50% of the adult fare. (III) Passengers under 26 years of age are classed as youths. (iv) Passengers over the age of 60 are classed as Seniors
  9. Under no circumstances are we allowed to give out the contact details of our Rail Suppliers.
  10. SAVER PASS: Special for more than 2 passengers travelling together at all times. Fares are quoted per person
  11. TWIN PASS: Special for 2 passengers travelling together at all times. Fares are quoted per person
  12. Travel bonuses and free transportation may necessitate the usage of a travel day.
  13. For a full list of bonuses and free transportation, please consult your World Travel Rail Consultant, or the map and brochure provided with your pass. \
  14. Travel bonuses and free transportation can only be arranged locally at your destination
  15. All published fares are subject to change without prior notice
  16. Every booking accepted is subject to the conditions, tariffs and regulations imposed by the railroad carrier (see ticket cover).
  17. While World Travel has taken every effort to ensure that the information provided is correct at the time of going to print, World Travel cannot be held responsible for any errors and omissions or any information that may be incomplete, inaccurate or may have become out of date.
  18. NEW!! For all Eurail Passes – the passengers must complete the “TRAVEL REPORT” before boarding any new train, bus and / or boat. The passengers will be fined on-board if this section has not been completed.
  19. Eticket’s will be booked and issued for all “eticketable routings”. (Eurostar; French Trains; American Trains; British Trains; Canadian Trains)
  20. Please note that seats are auto-allocated by the carriers, depending on availability, in order to ensure that all passengers of the same party are seated together. Seats can be swapped only once on-board.
  21. World Travel encourages the passenger to always check for any itinerary or time changes at the station before train departure date.

1) All requests must be placed in writing either via fax or e-mail and we will be insisting that all follow up instructions be placed in writing.
2) When requesting reservations, please advise the departure date from SA, passport numbers, dates of birth and the ‘country of residence’ for all the passengers.
3) All quotations are subject to change.
4) Bookings will be cancelled automatically if it has not been ticketed within the ticketing time limit. This date will be advised on the confirmation e-mail. If the date has not been advised, the booking must be issued immediately to avoid cancellation.
5) The rate of exchange used is only valid for 24 hours. Please check with your World Travel Rail Consultant before submitting payment.
6) A “SEGMENT FEE” will be charged for all bookings. Please contact your World Travel Rail consultant for further details.
7) Please remember to add on your own service fee.
8) Group Bookings:
a. A group booking is considered to be a certain qualifying number of passengers travelling together at all times at a discounted rate. European Open Tickets = 6 paying adults or more; Premier Trains = 10 paying adults or more; Britrail = 10 paying adults or more; Amtrak = 20 paying adults or more
b. The group must travel together at all times as only one ticket is issued per routing.
c. A group discount is only valid on point-to-point tickets and premier trains. A pass is already at a discounted rate.
9) Reservations:
a. Seat and sleeper reservations are compulsory on all high-speed, Premier / Journey, and overnight trains. These charges are at an additional cost (except for Premier / Journey Trains) and may vary. Reservations only open up for bookings 60 days prior to the train departure date and for some Premier Trains, 90 to 120 days. European Open Tickets and passes do not guarantee a seat on a train unless reservations are secured in advance by you – the ticket / pass must be produced when securing train reservations. If possible, it is always better to secure the seat / sleeper reservations before departing South Africa (providing the reservation can be confirmed – not all reservations are possible from South Africa). Please consult with your World Travel Rail Consultant
b. Actual travelling documents are issued in South Africa, unless otherwise specified
c. For European Open Tickets, please specify if you want a confirmed seat reservation or an open dated ticket.
d. All tickets are quoted per person in Euro or US Dollar and subject to change
e. Passengers with a permanent residence (for more than 6 months) outside of Europe, the United Kingdom, North Africa, Turkey, or the Russian Federation are eligible to purchase and use the passes and point-to-point tickets.
f. Rules for French Tickets – paper tickets:
 Prior to boarding the train travellers MUST validate their tickets and/or reservations when applicable (on each way when round trip). Travellers will find an automatic stamping machine at the entrance of the platform. Validation instructions will be inserted in the European Train Ticket Cover.
 French Open Tickets are not valid for travel on TGV, TEOZ and LUNEA Trains
g. Rules for European Open Tickets:
 Clients must specify the first day of validity of their Eurail ticket at the time of booking.
 First day of validity must be within 4 months from the date of booking.
 Ticket is valid for 15 days from the first date of validity chosen by the passenger.
a. Seat reservations are compulsory.
b. “Eticket’s” are issued which will be emailed through to you with instructions on how to collect the actual tickets at the station
c. Strict penalties will apply to these tickets once confirmed and full payment has been received
d. All Fares are quoted per person in Euro’s
e. Residents of the United Kingdom are not eligible to purchase or use the passes and point-to-point tickets.
a. All fares are quoted per person in Euro’s and subject to change
b. The Vouchers that is issued by World Travel are not travelling documents and must be exchanged for the travelling ticket at the station.
c. Residents of these countries are not eligible to purchase or use the passes and point-to-point tickets


  1. World Travel always requires pre-payment for services provided.
  2. All payments must be cleared in World Travel’s bank account before tickets can be released.
  3. Proof of payment must be faxed or e-mailed to the rail consultant’s attention.
  4. Credit Cards are not acceptable unless the client can come into the World Travel Rail office with proof of identification. In this case; we will add the 3% merchant fee to the final amount.
  5. When making a deposit into World Travel’s bank account, please state the booking reference number given on the confirmation sheet.


  1. Documents will only be released upon receipt of a reference number.
  2. If an overnight courier service is required (Mon – Fri), an additional amount will be charged. If you would like to use this service, please advise us accordingly. All the travel documents will be couriered from Johannesburg within 3-4 working days during business hours. Should you not receive your documents please contact World Travel. Rail tickets are not covered for any loss or theft during the courier delivery.
  3. Please note that documents being collected from our office must be collected before 4pm Mon – Fri


  1. Original tickets must be returned to our offices via a courier service or hand delivered. We will not be accepting tickets sent via Docex or registered mail / normal post as they are unreliable services and we will then be unable to apply for a refund within the time frame given to us by the managing railways.
  2. For all train tickets for Europe, where a refund is allowed, tickets not being used must be endorsed by the holder of the ticket with a station stamp * mentioning “not used” and the date of the cancellation on the original ticket, without this under no circumstances will a refund be permitted this needs to be secured while in Europe at the station where the whole of part of the journey is abandoned. Passes do not need to be endorsed and is valid for use within the validity period after which no refund will be permitted. Passes cannot be refunded if they have any ink marks on them. * Any station on the rail network within the same country
  3. For all refund requests, tickets must be returned to World Travel within 30 days of train departure date. Thereafter, a refund will not be possible
  4. No refund can be given on any train tickets or rail passes purchased in Europe or any other country for any reason whatsoever, howsoever arising.
  5. Expired train tickets or rail passes are not refundable for any reason whatsoever, howsoever arising.
  6. Segment and/or handling fees as well as delivery fees are not refundable for any reason whatsoever, howsoever arising.
  7. World Travel can only process a refund, if the original tickets are submitted in the ticket covers before the expiry date printed on the ticket. Where applicable, the refund is subject to a cancellation fee, subject to 5.2 above.
  8. Refunds will not be granted on partially used passes / tickets.
  9. Refunds will not be granted on lost or stolen tickets. A new set of tickets will have to be booked and issued and paid for by you.
  10. Please refer to the inside of the ticket cover for the rules pertaining to the exact ticket purchased.
  11. Seat and sleepers reservations are never refundable or exchangeable once issued.
  12. Premier trains have strict after sales rules and conditions. Please consult your World Travel Rail Consultant. (Please also check the tickets for the refund policy)
  13. Group bookings cannot be changed or refunded once the tickets have been issued.
  14. All tickets submitted for a refund will be charged accordingly. The supplier penalty fee and ZAR 400.00 per person per ticket returned. Please note that segment fees, service fees and courier fees are non refundable
  15. Unless otherwise specified, amendments to bookings, already issued, will attract the following charges: ZAR 400.00 per ticket per person admin fee + new rate of exchange on that day + difference of the cost of the tickets + new segment and service fee.
  16. Once a refund has been approved, it will take up to 4 – 6 weeks for the monies to be refunded to you.
  17. No refunds in whole or in part are guaranteed.
    a. Cancellation fees (which start from booking date):
    – 0% if cancellation is done up to 30 days before 1st hotel night
    – 15% if cancellation is done between 29 and 6 days before 1st hotel night
    – 30% if cancellation is done between 5 and 2 days before 1st hotel night
    – 100% if cancellation is done 1 day or less before 1st hotel night
    b. Modification fees for the hotel bookings:
    – Possible up to 2 business days before 1st hotel night:
    – 30 $US (flat fee) will be charged on all change (such as dates, hotels, additional nights, upgrades, downgrades) made on existing booking
    – 85% refundable and exchangeable more than 17 days before train’s departure date
    – 50% refundable and non-exchangeable between 17 and 10 days before train’s departure date
    – Non-refundable and non-exchangeable less than 10 days before train’s departure date
  20. RATE OF EXCHANGE: Refunds will be processed once World Travel has received the refunded amount from Rail Europe on the rate of exchange of that day
    When different types of fares with different aftersales conditions are booked together, the most restrictive after-sales conditions apply. This is particularly the case when flexible and non-flexible tickets are booked together. Please note that in these cases, a refund will not be possible.

All enquiries and business conducted with Harvey World Travel Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd t/a World Travel (‘the Travel Agent) are done subject to Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale (‘STC’) of the Travel Agent as well as that of any third party suppliers (‘the Suppliers’), a copy of which is available on request or that of the Suppliers used for each booking. Every enquirer and person engaging in a transaction with the Travel Agent and the Supplier is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the STC. If any enquirer or person engaging in a transaction or contemplating to do so has any misapprehension about such transaction or the implications thereof, such enquirer or person must contact the Travel Agent in person, telephonically or via e-mail indicating the misapprehension and requesting an explanation in terms of the Consumer Protection Act (‘CPA’). Once a booking is made and paid for, it means that if the enquirer had any such misapprehension it has been explained to his/her satisfaction, onerous clauses have been brought to his/her attention & abnormal and dangerous risks have been explained to him/her as required by the CPA.