The Eurail Global Pass covers a wide network of high-speed and local trains throughout Western Europe. It is the best option if you are  wanting to discover multiple countries, offering unlimited rail travel on the national rail networks in 33 European countries:

CroatiaCzech RepublicDenmarkEstonia
FinlandFranceNorth MacedoniaGermany
Great BritainGreeceHungaryIreland
  • Countries included from 2020 are Great Britain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.
  • The 7pm rule applies
  • Eurail Pass holders are entitled to special Passholder fares
  • Children & Youth Conditions:
    • Children under four travel free and do not require a pass. Children are not entitled to a seat and during busy times may be required to sit on the accompanying adult’s lap
    • Children aged 4-11 travel free with a Child Pass and must be accompanied, by an adult with an Adult Pass (The adult does not have to be a family member and can be anyone over 18 years)
    • Up to two children can travel with one adult. For example, when two adults are travelling together they can travel with four children
    • If more than two children are travelling with one adult, a separate First Class Youth Pass needs to be purchased for the additional children
    • Travellers aged 12-27 can travel with a First Class or Second Class Youth Pass.

Travel Report:

Prior to boarding a train, bus or boat, passengers must record their trip in the Travel Report on the Pass cover (in blue or black ink). If you travel without having entered the trip in the Travel Report, you risk a fine and payment of a full fare ticket. The conditions of use are no longer printed in the Eurail cover but in the traveller’s guide. Therefore, it is mandatory to give traveller’s guide provided

Bonuses and Benefits:

  • For a full list of benefits, bonuses, discounts and locations of Eurail Aid Offices, please contact your World Travel consultant or download the Rail Planner App on your smartphone
  • Benefits Rule: Travel bonuses may require a daily travel Pass
  • At the moment there are no extra pass benefits for Eurail pass holders in the following countries:
    • Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Montenegro and Poland
  • Please note that Eurail Passes are not valid on the Postbus lines in Switzerland
  • For Eurail Pass holders covering Switzerland, a point-to-point ticket has to be purchased to cover the journey from/to Disentis to/from Brig (private line of Glacier Express in Switzerland).
  • Valid on DB IC buses, Second Class only. Reservations are compulsory

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