The Japan Rail Sanyo Pass is the most affordable and convenient way to explore the Sanyo area.

Some of the recommended attractions in Sanyo include Osaka, Okayama, Hiroshima and Hakata.

  • Validity: Four or eight days consecutive
  • Only available in Ordinary class

The Japan Rail Sanyo Pass allows unlimited travel on:

Sanyo Shinkansen Tokaido- Sanyo Main Line (Shin-Osaka-Shimonoseki)
Osaka Loop Line JR Tozai Line
Sakurajima Line Kansai Main Line (JR Namba- Imamiya)
Hanwa Line (Tennoji- Hineno) Kansai Airport Line
Miyajima Ferry


The Sanyo Area Pass allows unlimited use, within the designated area of many trains and transportation services operated by JR-West.

These include the Nozomi, Hikari, and Kodama Sanyo Shinkansen super express trains, Haruka limited express trains, Ordinary Class cars on local trains including reserved and non-reserved seats, and the Miyajima Ferry line in Hiroshima that goes to Miyajima Island.

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