The Japan Rail Hokkaido Pass allows unlimited travel on all JR Hokkaido lines of the Hokkaido Railway Co. and the bus lines of JR Hokkaido Bus excluding Sapporo- Asahikawa; Sapporo- Mombetsu; Sapporo-Obihiro; Sapporo- Kiroro; Sapporo–Erimo & Hiroo lines and irregular lines.

  • Validity: 
    • Three, five and seven consecutive days
    • Four days within ten days flexi
  • Two Classes of Service: 
    • Green Class (First Class equivalent)
    • Ordinary Class (Second Class equivalent)
  • Not all JR HOKKAIDO trains offer Green Class cars but they all offer Ordinary Class cars
  • There is an extra charge to board the Twinkle Bus and reservations are compulsory

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