This pass is for budget travellers who would like to travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific and north to Hudson Bay.
The pass must be booked the latest 7 days before arrival in Canada. It is valid through the VIA network for two periods:

Peak Season:
01 June to 16 October and then

Low season:
01 January to 31 May and 16 October to 31 May. Users will benefit from a great availability of seats.

Two fares:
7 trips during a twenty one day period – reservations must be made three or more days in advance. Seats are limited.
Trips during a twenty one day period – the discounted Canrailpass offers great availability of seating.Reservations can be made just 1 day prior to departure.

The period begins at 00:00 on the day of the first journey and ends at 23:59 on the tenth day.
The Canrailpass – System is available in Economy class only, upgrades to different classes are not allowed
A trip is defined as a continuous journey between two stations regardless of the duration of the trip. In most cases one free stopover is allowed per one-way trip. If travellers wish to do more than one stopover, the trip is broken at the point where the longest stopover takes place. There are other conditions which would define a break in a trip.
Rocky Mountaineer is not included in the Canrailpass – System

Seat reservations are free of charge and must be done by submitting a specific form. However, availability is limited for seat reservations for the Canrailpass holders.

18-25 years old inclusive on the first day of travel benefit from a reduced rate

Student: 12-17 years old inclusive. Students with a valid Student card benefit from a reduced rate.

60 years old and more

Children’s rules:
Children below 2 years old on the first day of travel: free when sharing an adult passenger’s seat/bed.
Children from 2 up to 11 inclusive on the first day of travel benefit from a reduced rate.
Anyone is eligible to buy the Canrail-System Pass, even residents of Canada are eligible to purchase and use a Canrailpass.