Important Information

  • Booking Horizon: Tickets may be reserved from 120 days prior to date of departure
  • Ticket Type: Paper ticket
  • Traveller Type: Adult, Child (4-13) and Passholder
  • Ticket control and passport checks occur before boarding
  • Sleeper reservations are compulsory and included in the fare
  • Types of Compartments:
    • Gran Classe
      • Single/Double cabins
      • Toilet, washbasin and shower in each cabin
      • Access to AVE lounge
    • Preferente
      • Single/Double cabins
      • Toilet and washbasin in each cabin
    • Couchette
      • T4 or T6 (four-six people per cabin)
      • Washbasin inside the couchette
      • Toilets at the ends of each coach
    • Reclining Seats
      • Toilets at the end of each coach


Barcelona <> Granada
Barcelona <> Cordoba
Madrid <> Barcelona
La Coruna <> Madrid

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