Important Information

  • Booking Horizon: Tickets may be reserved from 60 days priors to departure date
  • Ticket Type: Paper ticket
  • Traveller Type: Adult and Child (4-11). Passholders reservations can only be made locally, in Europe, subject to availability
  • Sleeper reservations are compulsory and included in the fare
  • No check-in procedures: ticket and passport checks occur onboard the train
  • Snacks and drinks are available onboard at an additional cost
  • Type of Compartments:
    • Sleepers (First Class)
    • Couchettes (six bed compartments) (Second Class)
    • Reclining Seats (Second Class)
  • Onboard Services:
    • Sleeper (First Class)
      • Single, double or triple cabins
      • Comfortable beds
      • Washbasin in the cabin
      • Bathrooms located at the end of the carriage
    • Couchette (Second Class)
      • Six beds per compartment
      • Bathrooms are located at the end of the carriage
    • Reclining Seats (Second Class)
      • Bathrooms located at the end of the carriage


Budapest <> Munich
Berlin <> Vienna
Berlin <> Budapest

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