Germany – ICE

Important Information:

  • Tickets may be reserved up to 90 days prior to date of departure
  • Ticket Type: Only paper tickets
  • Traveler Type: Adult, Child (6-15), Group and Pass-holder
  • NO check-in procedures. Ticket checks occur onboard the train
  • Wi-Fi connection available on some trains, at an additional cost
  • Panoramic lounges available on some trains
  • Seat reservations are compulsory (at an additional cost) on the following ICE Sprinter trains:
  1. Hamburg HBF<>Frankfurt HBF
  2. Frankfurt HBF<>Berlin HBF
  3. Berlin HBF<>Frankfurt HBF
  4. Hamburg HBF<>Koeln HBF
  5. Koeln HBF<>Hamburg HBF
  • Seat reservations for all other ICE trains are highly recommended and will be charged at an additional cost. Supplements may be requires at the station, if a reservation is not made prior to traveling.
  • ICE trains extend to international routes between Germany and Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands

Routes and Durations:

Amsterdam<>Cologne – 2h38
Frakfurt<>Brussels 2h58
Frankfurt<>Munich – 3h10
Frankfurt<>Hamburg – 3h37
Frankfurt<>Berlin – 4h08
Cologne<>Berlin – 4h16
Hamburg<>Mannheim – 4h18
Bonn<>Berlin – 4h43

Additional Services:

First Class

  • Access to DB lounges in most major stations (not available to Pass-holders)
  • Video screens at the seats
  • Quiet zones
  • Lockers available in the vestibules
  • Meal services offered at seats (for an additional cost)

Second class

  • Lockers available at the vestibules
  • Service crew taxi booking service
  • Trolley service with beverages


  • Bord-bistro or Bord-restaurant available on all ICE trains
  • Facilities for disabled passengers. Wheelchair bookings must be made locally