Important Information:
  • Booking Horizon: Tickets may be reserved from 90 days prior to date of departure
  • Ticket Type: Print @ Home (certain routes only), Print @ Station (French departures only) and Paper tickets
  • Traveller Type: Adult, Child (4-11), Group (10 or more) and Passholder
  • No check-in procedures: ticket and passport checks occur onboard the train
  • Seat reservations are compulsory and included in the fare
  • Facilities are available for disabled passengers, reservations for wheelchair spaces must be made locally
  • Onboard Services:
    • Bar and buffet offering meals, snacks and refreshments
    • Trolley service selling sandwiches, cakes, candies and refreshments
    • Subway tickets for Paris, Lyon, Milan and Turin are available for sale at the onboard bar

Routes and Durations:


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