Important Information:
  • Booking Horizon: Tickets may be reserved up to 90 days prior to date of departure
  • Ticket Type: Print @ home, print @ station (French departures only) and paper tickets
  • Traveller Type: Adult, Child (4-11). Youth (12-25), Senior (60+) Kid&Co (discount for adults travelling with children under 12), Group and Pass-holder
  • No check-in procedures. Ticket and passport checks occur on-board the train
  • Seat reservations are compulsory and included in the fare
  • Pets are allowed under certain conditions. Speak to your World Travel consultant for more information
  • Guide dogs are permitted unconditionally
  • Any Belgian Station, the passenger will have a confirmed seat up to Brussels with the TGV train. From Brussels the passenger may continue onto any Belgian Station (station to be predetermined prior to ticketing); Diabolo fee: if you are travelling from Brussels city centre to Zaventem – Brussels airport with a Rail Pass covering Benelux, a point to point ticket, a Eurostar ABS ticket or TGV ABS ticket, you have to purchase an additional ticket called  “Diabolo fee”, either at an SNCB Ticket Office, or an automatic ticket dispenser at the rail station.

Routes and Durations:

Brussels<>Lille – 0h34
Brussels<>Paris CDG airport – 1h13
Brussels<>Disneyland – 1h29
Brussels<>Lyon – 3h23
Brussels<>Avignon – 4h17
Brussels<>Marseille – 4h56
Brussels<>Montpellier – 5h39
Brussels<>Nice – 7h44

Other On-board Services:

  • On-board bar and buffet, offering meals, snacks and refreshments
  • Wheelchair facilities available and must be booked locally