Important Information:

  • Booking Horizon: Tickets may be reserved from 75 days prior to date of departure
  • No check-in procedure: ticket checks occur onboard the train
  • Ticket Type: Print @ Home only
  • Traveller Type: Adult, Child (4-13), Youth (14-25) and Passholder
  • Seat reservations are compulsory and included in the fare
  • Guide dogs permitted, other pets allowed under certain conditions
  • Two items of luggage with a total weight of 20kg allowed
  • Certain trains only offer Second Class seats
  • There are wheelchair spaces with safety devices and adapted seats, reservations for these must be made locally
  • Bicycles are permitted onboard at an additional cost. This is not offered on all routes and only permitted if space is available

Routes and Durations:

Madrid <> Cadiz4h23
Madrid <> Huelva3h45
Madrid <> Granada4h35
Madrid <> Murcia Del Carmen3h50
Barcelona <> Valencia2h59
Barcelona <> Alicante4h40

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